Time to move to Openlens

The problem

The company behind the beloved Lens app started to move a different path now. No blame games. But time to move on.

The solution

As of now there is no availability of a direct drop in binary replacement. Open-lens is all goodness of Lens without the properitory part of it. But it comes with a tolerable level of pain, no off the shelf binaries. You need to build it your own.


Covers deb, rpm and AppImages

Make sure you have essential utils:

sudo apt install -y curl git

Install NodeJS repo (ignore if you are already a js marveric, instead switch to node 16 or above via nvm):

curl -fsSL | sudo -E bash -

Install NodeJS v16 LTS: apt install -y nodejs

Install latest version of yarn:

sudo npm install -g yarn

Clone OpenLens repository:

git clone ./openlens

Go into OpenLens source codes directory:

cd ./openlens

Select your specific version (or stick to master ;)):

git checkout v6.0.3

Build your binaries: make build

You will find your Linux binaries in ./openlens/dist directory. Please use the package type works best for you. Eg deb for debian and cousins like Ubuntu , rpm for opensuse, Fedora and company.


install X Code as you will need the build-essentials for Mac as well.

Install nodeJS and git and yarn (again js marverics , please go on as per your cook books):

brew install node@16 git yarn

Clone OpenLens:

git clone ./openlens

Go to the OpenLens code folder:

cd ./openlens

Set your versions (versions can be referred in git repo release or Lens website or stick to master):

git checkout v6.0.3

Fire the build:

Build macOS Apple Silicon and Intel binaries: env ELECTRON_BUILDER_EXTRA_ARGS="--arm64 --x64 --config.dmg.sign=false" make build

After the completion of build you can install the dmg files from ./openlens/dist folder. For M1 and M2 macs please choose the dmg files with arm in it.